The table below contains those trials currently enrolling Duchenne patients and involving active drugs, as of the date indicated.

A more complete listing of Duchenne trials may be found at

Anti-fibrotic, Anti-Inflammatory, Regenerative AgentItalfarmacoGivinostatPhase 3Males with Duchenne 6-17 years oldUS, EU, CA, UKVIEW DETAILS
Anti-inflammatoryMallinckrodtMNK-1411 CosyntropinPhase 2Males with Duchenne 4-8 years oldUnited StatesVIEW DETAILS
Exon SkippingSareptaEteplirsenPhase 2Males with Duchenne ages 6 to 48 monthsUK, EUVIEW DETAILS
SareptaSRP4045 SRP4053Phase 3Males with Duchenne ages 7-13US, EU, CA, IL, UKVIEW DETAILS
SareptaSRP-5051Phase 1Males with Duchenne ages 12 and olderUSVIEW DETAILS
WaveWVE-210201Phase 1Ages 5 to 18, amenable to exon 51 skipping, ambulatory and non-ambulatory boysUS, FR, UKVIEW DETAILS
Gene therapyNationwide Children’s HospitalGALGT2Phase 1/2Males with Duchenne 4 years and olderOhioVIEW DETAILS
Nationwide Children’s HospitalMicrodystrophinPhase 1/2aMales with Duchenne 3 mos to 3 years and 4 to 7 yearsOhio and MissouriVIEW DETAILS
PfizerPF 06939926Phase 1Males with Duchenne 5-12 years oldUSVIEW DETAILS
Solid GTSGT-001 MicrodystrophinPhase 1/2Males with Duchenne 4-17 years oldFloridaVIEW DETAILS
Mitochondrial FunctionCarderoPlus EpicatechinPhase 1/2Males with Duchenne 8-17 years oldUC DavisVIEW DETAILS
SantheraIdebenonePhase 3
Males with Duchenne 10 years and olderUS, EU, UK, IL, IEVIEW DETAILS
Muscle RegenerationRocheBMS-986089Phase 2/3Males with Duchenne 6-11 years oldUS, EU, UK, JP, AR, AU, CAVIEW DETAILS
Stop Codon readthroughPTCAtalurenPhase 3Males with Duchenne 5 Years and olderUS, AU, HK, JP, IN, KR, MY, RU, TWVIEW DETAILS

Chart updated on 6/20/18