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A Virtual "Night Of Hope"

Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 7 PM CT

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About the Event

Join us for the 5th Annual Dealing for Duchenne – San Antonio benefiting CureDuchenne

Dealing for Duchenne – San Antonio was inspired by our oldest son Joshua who was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at age 5. It was hard to comprehend why our loving, caring and big-hearted son would be thrust onto this fatal path. It was a very difficult time for us as we dealt with accepting that our son would not be like other children. He wouldn’t be able to jump, run, skip or play tag. But most of all, we feared he would lose his life to this disease.

We learned more about the Duchenne community and all the progress that had already been made. In this, we found CureDuchenne, a national non-profit that has been leading the effort in finding a cure for Duchenne. CureDuchenne has been working on accelerating potential life-saving therapies for all boys with Duchenne for more than 15 years.

Today, we focus our efforts on helping raise awareness and funding to support the research and development of therapies and ensuring there is a path to bring these therapies to market. We are committed to doing all we can so that Joshua and this generation of boys will see the treatments that will change the trajectory of their lives.

Together we WILL cure Duchenne!

About Cure Duchenne

The global leader in Duchenne research, patient care and innovation, CureDuchenne is committed to finding and funding a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy while delivering the education and resources to support patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers.

Founded by Paul and Debra Miller in 2003, after their son was diagnosed with the disease, CureDuchenne combines fundraising and venture philanthropy, leveraging donor dollars to maximize support for promising research into effective treatments for those suffering from Duchenne.

With transparency as a core value, investment proceeds are redeployed to support research and other mission critical programs to find a cure.

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