The CureDuchenne Cares program includes two types of workshops. Our team travels around the country to provide these hands-on, interactive sessions in local communities.

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Parents, Family Members and Caregivers

These free sessions cover information on the best standard of care for Duchenne management as well as updates on Duchenne research and clinical trials. Topics include:

  • Stretching instruction and routines
  • Equipment demos and education
  • Activity and school modifications
  • Mobility management
  • Q&A with Duchenne experts
  • Updates on research and clinical trials

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Family Summit

The Cares Family Summit is an extended education and social event for families who have loved ones with Duchenne. There is a lot that goes into caring for a loved one with Duchenne, and this day strives to address many of these management areas, including proper respiratory care, cardiology, behavior issues, social issues, etc. A full day, this free event also provides ample opportunities for families to connect with other families going through similar challenges.

Physical Therapist and Professionals Course

This full-day, continuing education course is ideal for physical therapists, occupational therapists, adapted physical educators, speech and language pathologists, educators, physicians and nursing professionals. Pre-approval for PT/PTAs is sought for each location. All other healthcare fields may seek individual approval on their own with their own associations.

Physical therapy continues to be one of the primary treatment options for those with Duchenne.  It is vital that physical therapists have a thorough understanding of the disease and deliver appropriate treatments based on the current evidence.  Inadequate understanding of the disease can lead to muscle injury of patients who are already at risk for severe muscles degeneration.

Therapy treatment, orthopedic management, activity modification and equipment selection are covered. Participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of Duchenne
  • Identify the typical progression of the disease
  • Select appropriate physical therapy treatment options
  • Develop thorough care plans for clients and families
  • Make appropriate and timely referrals to other healthcare providers
  • Understand current research strategies and upcoming treatments

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