Successful Venture Philanthropy


CureDuchenne founded


CureDuchenne commits $1.3 million to support exon-skipping research by the Dutch biotechnology company Prosensa.


GlaxoSmithKline commits up to $650 million to put four of Prosensa’s exon skipping compounds on the research and development path.


Prosensa holds IPO on the NASDAQ, raising $78 million to fund its Duchenne development portfolio, its early-stage Duchenne discovery work and Duchenne-support projects, among other projects.


Prosensa regains rights to drisapersen from GSK. CureDuchenne and Prosensa fund collaboration to advance the development of experimental medicines treating Duchenne. Part of the approach is to give medication to patients who participated in previous clinical studies of exon-skipping drugs. Prosensa begins redosing of drisapersen with CureDuchenne funding.


BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. acquires all outstanding ordinary shares of Prosensa for approximately $680 million. CureDuchenne makes a successful exit and uses the proceeds to invest in four other companies and an academic institution.