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25 July @ 01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

Update on Sarepta’s RNA-targeted technology platforms (PMO and PPMO)

Webinar details Dr. Gilmore O’Neill, Chief Medical Officer of Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc, will give a scientific overview of Sarepta’s RNA-targeted exon skipping technologies, PMO and PPMO. Dr. O’Neill will highlight the PPMO technology, designed to potentially improve upon the levels of dystrophin produced by PMO-induced exon skipping, and to potentially lead to more efficient dosing […]


CureDuchenne hosted a webinar with Dr. Kevin Flanigan from Nationwide Children’s Hospital on October 12, 2016. The webinar was an opportunity for the Duchenne community to learn the most recent status of Dr. Flanigan’s duplication mutation research. Dr. Flanigan presented new data on his duplication 2 research.
Dr. Wagner and the CureDuchenne team provided information about Santhera Pharmaceuticals' expanded access and compassionate use in the U.S., the BreatheDMD program, and Santhera answered questions from the community.
In a webinar on November 16, 2017, Dr. Eric Olson from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center explained CRISPR technology and gene therapy for Duchenne.
This webinar provided an update from Santhera Pharmaceuticals about the SIDEROS trial of idebenone in boys taking steroids. Santhera also provided an update about their regulatory efforts to bring this treatment to boys with Duchenne in the US and Europe.
This webinar addressed what the Duchenne community needs to know about EMFLAZACares™ by sharing an overview of this service program which is providing personalized support and resources to help gain access to EMFLAZA™.
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