There are many different supplements for Duchenne patients.

This is one family’s regiment (not developed by a physician) and is listed only as an example.  We do not endorse this in any way.  Please check with your physician before adding any supplements or drugs.  Doses are based on body weight. Please note: Haelan is very costly and tastes bitter; it should be given on an empty stomach with a drop of honey to kill the taste.


Haelan 951 2 oz


Deflazacort .9 grams per kilo
Q-10 100mg
MultiVitamin 2 tablets
Green Tea Extract (Caffeine free) ½ dropper
Protandim 1 pill
Arginine 3 grams
Losartan 50mg
Omega 3’s 1280mg


Arginine 3 grams
Creatine 5 grams
Glutamine 6 grams


CLA 1 gram
HMB 2 grams
Alpha Lipoeic Acid 600mg
Q-10 100mg
Calcium 1200
Vitamin D 2000
Quercetin 1000mg


Human Growth Hormone 1.6mg

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