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People Who Care About You

The People Who Care About You

CureDuchenne is made up of people from all walks of life who share a common purpose — to find a cure for Duchenne and support all the families and patients […]

Meet the Team

Consistent and frequent physical therapy is one of the few currently available treatments that’s been proven to provide benefits at all ages with the potential to delay disease progression. However, traditional […]

Adaptive Sports Duchenne

Adapt and Enjoy

Adaptive Sports for People with Duchenne The camaraderie developed among teammates in sports helps participants form strong bonds with other players. Even individual sports have adaptations that could prove to […]

Mother Day Blog

How to be a good friend to a Duchenne mom this Mother’s Day

Those gestures that you call “little things” are not little to us. The way you text or call just to check in makes me feel cared for. The cards you send when something heartbreaking has happened, makes me feel loved. The prayers you say for us when we aren’t even aware, the hugs, the long conversations we have – those are not little in my eyes. In fact, those are the very things that often keep me afloat somedays, and remind moms like me that we are not alone.  

accessible gaming

Get in the Game

Accessible gaming for people with Duchenne Individuals with Duchenne are living at a time when technology is helping to make the digital world more accessible and the real world more […]