CureDuchenne launched CureDuchenne Ventures, an initiative to identify and fund a robust pipeline of therapies to treat Duchenne, the most common and lethal form of muscular dystrophy. CureDuchenne Ventures funding strategy includes identifying drug targets and programs that exhibit the potential to advance rapidly to proof of concept studies.

The goal of CureDuchenne Ventures is to provide substantial funding to several research projects over the next three years that will serve as a catalyst to drive significant investment from biotech and pharmaceutical companies and venture philanthropists. We expect that as these projects progress to clinical settings, they will dramatically improve the prognosis for children diagnosed with Duchenne. CureDuchenne Ventures provides an opportunity for venture philanthropists, foundations and donors to join together to invest in promising research for social impact.   


CureDuchenne supports research through a venture philanthropy model where we provide early funding to biotech and pharmaceutical companies and some academic investigators. In this way, CureDuchenne aims to de-risk an opportunity in order to attract further funding from other investors.

Multiple technologies exist to repair, restore or replace the missing protein in Duchenne; however, a significant factor in getting treatments out of the laboratory and into the clinic is funding. CureDuchenne Ventures will power our ability moving forward to support the most promising therapies and ensure that all avenues of research are explored.

CureDuchenne has adopted a broad research strategy to identify and fund novel therapies that target specific components of the disease. This comprehensive pathophysiological approach to treating the disease includes a three-pronged strategy. The purpose of the initiative is to identify and support those programs that would critically impact the various components of the disease. 

CureDuchenne Ventures is looking for venture philanthropists, foundations, and donors to help fund CureDuchenne Ventures. The first research project to be funded through CureDuchenne Ventures is a $7 million collaboration with biotechnology company, Prosensa (NASDAQ: RNA)The new initiative will help restart dosing of medication for patients who participated in previous clinical studies of exon skipping drugs – a promising approach to the disease – and could help accelerate the development timelines of four exon skipping drug candidates.