Message from the Founders  

Imagine having a beautiful baby boy. For four years, your child thrives and is the light of your life. One day, you notice he has difficulty standing up. His calves are swollen, and he can’t keep up with other children. You take him to his pediatrician, who says he’s probably just a slow starter and not to worry.

At five, you finally find a specialist that gives a proper diagnosis: Duchenne muscular dystrophy. You’re told his muscles will die and not regenerate. You scream frustration as to why you haven’t heard about Duchenne before.  

That’s our experience, and for the love of our child, we’ve taken matters into our own hands and embarked on a path to affect change: to raise the funds needed to find a cure within our son’s lifetime. We’ve always had faith, but we never knew how much we would come to rely on it. We hope all Duchenne families are provided the comfort needed to get through these difficult times.

We are proud to partner with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and other  organizations to help find a cure for Duchenne. We are thankful to our partners and sponsors for sharing our vision and collaborating with us to find a cure. Saving the children affected by Duchenne has become our life’s work, and we hope you’ll join with us.

Paul and Debra Miller
Founders, CureDuchenne

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